21 February 2020

Bolt Burdon achieves recognition by recycling 12,500kg

As part of the “First Mile” initiative Bolt Burdon are proud to have received their first recognition for their efforts to recycle more and reduce their carbon footprint.  The Silver Award is a great start but the firm is determined to do more and achieve “Gold” by next year.

For anyone wanting to do their bit and find our more about the scheme please click here

14 February 2020 by Artan Llabjani

Who is paid first if a company is liquidated?

A recent case considered this thorny issue in the context of commercial rent deposits. The order of priority for distribution […]

21 February 2020 by

What can a parent company do to avoid liability for the actions of its foreign subsidiaries?

The  recent case of Vedanta Resources PLC and another (Appellants) v Lungowe and others (Respondents) [2019] UKSC 20 involved an […]

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