Legal Review of 2018

A review of our blogs for 2018 reveals that despite the focus on Brexit (more on that later) the year has been a busy one, legally speaking.  Below is a reminder of some of the topics we have covered.

In the employment world the Harvey Weinstein scandal highlighted the importance of sexual discrimination laws, but there was also clarification from the court on philosophical beliefs and measures to “clip the wings” of directors seeking to resurrect phoenix companies.  England’s long run in the football World Cup saw guidance provided on employee productivity.

While the property market has not had its most active year, there have been changes announced by the Government to leasehold ownership of homes and stronger protection against rouge landlords and agents, together with changes to second home stamp duty .  There has also been procedural reform to the eviction process.

In business, there has been welcomed Government funding announcements for SME’s, the creative industries and scientific research. The appointment of corporate company directors was supposed to have been banned by now, however Brexit has delayed this.

Confusion seemed to abound with the introduction, withdrawal, and this year, the proposed re-introduction of the so called ‘death tax’. The Government was also forced to refund the overpayments charged for registering Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Who can forget the introduction in May of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and the assault many of us experienced to our in-boxes from companies seeking our consent?  A big thank you to those of you who provided your consent for us to continue to send to you our eNews.

What will 2019 bring us?

The uncertainties regarding Brexit have dominated 2018 and as the year draws to a close, while clarity currently still seems a long way away, some certainty will soon materialise with the March deadline fast approaching.

When it does we will do our best to update you on the legal ramifications and how it might impact you or your business.

Until then, on behalf of all at Bolt Burdon I wish you a happy New Year.

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