2 September 2010 by Sonal Ghelani

Building a conservatory or porch

Generally for Building a conservatory you would not need Building Regulation approval provided the floor area is 30 square metres or less, its roof is of transparent material and its walls are of toughened safety glass.

For a porch you would not need Building Regulation Approval provided the floor area is not more than 30 square metres, the original house access door remains in place and any glazing is toughened or laminated.

In both instances, any electrical installations to the conservatory or porch, which receives its electricity from a source shared with or located inside a dwelling, may require a Building Regulation application merely for the electrical works.

You would need to be aware however, that from the 1st October 2010, where any wall, door or window separating the conservatory or porch from the main building is removed and it is not replaced with a wall, door or window or where the main buildings heating system is extended into the conservatory or porch then in these instances you will be required to submit a Building Regulation application showing how you intend to comply with the energy saving provisions of the Building Regulations.

In other words, it is always a good idea to check with your Local Authority to ensure that you are complying with the Building Regulation requirements before you start to build a conservatory or porch.

2 September 2010 by Lynne Burdon

Freedom to instruct Bolt Burdon when using your Legal Expenses Insurance

I am pleased to read this morning that the Financial Services Authority has ordered legal expenses insurers to prove that they comply with European law that gives policy holders rights to choose their own solicitor.

2 September 2010 by Matthew Miller

In The Shadows

Sorry to disappoint all you Hank Marvin fans, but this blog has nothing to do with the band.

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