3 September 2010 by Sonal Ghelani

Certainty in respect of Public Rights of Way

The Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000 (CROW), which is only applicable to England and Wales, received Royal Assent on 30 November 2000. The Act, amongst other things, improves the rights of way legislation. This is by clarifying any uncertainties about existing rights. The Act covers four main areas of interest which are Access to Open Country, Public Rights of Way, Nature Conservation and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Section 56 of the Act states that from 1 January 2026, all public rights of way which were created prior to 1949 and which are not shown on a definitive map will be extinguished. This is therefore the cut off date for any claims for historical rights of way.

The Act is being implemented in stages as definitive maps of areas are produced. A definitive map is a legal record of bridleways, public paths, byways and footpaths. These maps are usually drawn up by the County Council who also maintain them. If you wish to inspect these then you can contact your local County Council to do so. This is usually free of charge.

The Countryside Agency is keen to ensure that existing rights are not lost by the cut off date. In order to achieve this they have set up a programme called ‘Discovering Lost Ways’ in England whereby they will carry out extensive research to discover any rights of way which are not shown on any definitive maps at present. The Agency will need to make an application to have the definitive map altered upon the discovery of a right of way. They will be actively gathering information from various historical archives held in national and local offices to achieve this over the coming years and expect to cover all of England by 2012.

2 September 2010 by Sonal Ghelani

Building a conservatory or porch

Generally for Building a conservatory you would not need Building Regulation approval provided the floor area is 30 square metres or less, its roof is of transparent material and its walls are of toughened safety glass.

3 September 2010 by Sarah Davies

EPC ……………… Excellent Plan or Totally pointless?

Home Information Packs (HIPs) were introduced by the last Government with the aim of making the process of selling your home much quicker. They were designed to provide a ready source of information on a property for a potential buyer and had to be arranged and paid for by the seller before marketing the property.

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