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Charitable Giving and your Will

Legacies are enormously important to charities. It is estimated that almost £2billion is left to charities in Wills every year, and one of the oft-cited reasons for making a Will is that you can include charities rather than your immediate family members, who would inherit under the intestacy laws.

In recognition of this the Government has recently announced it intends, subject to consultation, to offer a reduction in inheritance tax (“IHT”) on your estate if you leave 10% of your estate to charity in your Will. Along with the existing exemption from IHT for gifts to charity, this is a generous incentive to remember the organisations you have supported during your lifetime.

For those intent on maximising the benefit going to charity in their Will it is also possible to increase the value of the legacy left to charity, at no cost to the estate, by combining inheritance tax exemptions with the gift aid scheme. Careful planning, through the use of a “precatory trust” can mean that the amount the charity receives is increased by 25% courtesy of the gift aid scheme. There may also be tax benefits for your family members, depending on the circumstances.

Whether you already have a Will containing charitable legacies or are looking to make one, if you would like to find out more simply contact us.

9 May 2011 by Sonal Ghelani

The Fire Safety Order

The FSO is enforced by the local fire and rescue authority but it must consult the Local Housing Authority before taking enforcement action. Inspectors enforce the provisions of the FSO and have certain powers to require information and to enter premises.

11 May 2011 by

Wedding fever

Whether you had Royal Wedding fever or you were just happy for an extra day’s holiday you can’t help but have noticed the big event on the 29th April.

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