1 September 2010 by Lynne Burdon

Client feedback – does it really change the way we behave?

We have completed 12 client surveys since our first one in July 2004.

Each survey has asked the same three questions

• Did we exceed/meet/not meet your expectations in the last 6 months
• Please suggest one thing that we could do better
• Any other comments

I would like to thank the thousands of clients who have taken the trouble to reply. I have personally read every reply and many small changes to our procedures have been made as a result of the feedback. We publish the results of the questionnaire on our website and as you can see we are making steady improvements.

However for us there has been an additional benefit . We have never had very many complaints but I am delighted to say that since we started listening to clients the number has dropped to almost zero. In fact so far in 2010 we have only had one client who has made a complaint.

I believe our clients’ feedback really is making a difference to our service and indeed is helping us be more efficient and client focused.

There are still some things we are working on – in particular we have had many problems in implementing a web based system that will allow our clients’ to see their files – but this is in the pipeline and should be available within the next 12 months.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can make our service even better please do let me know.

20 August 2010 by Sarah Davies

How full is your glass

The recession, the economic downturn, repossessions, it's all been doom and gloom for the UK property market for some time now but is there any sign of any improvement? If you read the news at the moment recent figures have shown that house prices have fallen again in August for the second month running with predictions for the rest of the year indicating a continued decline.

27 August 2010 by Matthew Miller

EMI share option schemes

Statistics recently released by HM Revenue & Customs show that the number of Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share options that were granted and/or exercised in the 2008/2009 tax year declined substantially.

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