5 May 2011 by Lynne Burdon

Our Client Survey

Our end of March client survey is now completed and I am pleased that we have a small improvement in the number of responses where we have exceeded expectations. We send our email questionnaire to our clients every 6 months and since 2004 we have managed to improve our clients’ perception of our performance.

client questionnaire

Later this year we hope to go live on more sophisticated case management software that will help us send more tailored questionnaires so that we can get more timely and detailed feedback which will help us towards exceeding our clients’ expectations every

5 May 2011 by

Ensure to Insure from exchange

The new Standard Conditions of Sale (Fifth Edition) are in the process of being incorporated into all new residential property contracts.

5 May 2011 by Louise Dawson

Stamp Duty on Fixtures and Fittings

An explanation of what fixtures and fittings are subject to stamp duty land tax.

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