26 September 2012 by

Collins in the dock

It has been reported in the Standard today that the trial of Justin Lee Collins, who is accused of harassing his former girlfriend, is due to begin.

Bristol-born Collins, 38, who lives in London, denies causing fear of violence to Anna Larke, a computer games developer, between January and August last year.

The prosecution will open its case this morning at St Albans Crown Court after a jury was sworn in on Monday.

Collins, who is currently appearing in the West End musical Rock of Ages, is pleading not guilty to the charge. It is alleged that “between January 1, 2011, and August 1, 2011 he caused Anna Larke to fear that violence would be used against her by his course of conduct which he knew or ought to have known would cause fear of violence to Anna Larke on each occasion, in that he assaulted Anna Larke and threatened to assault her”.

Collins has been granted bail on condition that he does not contact Ms Larke or her family.

If you have been the victim of harassment or violent behaviour there are a range of remedies potentially available to you. For further details please follow this link or contact a member of the team at Bolt Burdon.

21 September 2012 by

Help for young victims of domestic violence

The official definition of domestic violence is to be changed from March 2013. This follows the publication of responses to a government consultation on this issue.

25 September 2012 by

Married lawyers blow most of £3 million fortune on divorce

Judge Clive Million, sitting at London’s Civil Appeal Court last week, criticised two lawyers, Anna-Marie Harvey Kavanagh and her ex-husband Giles Kavanagh, for squandering most of their multimillion-pound fortune fighting each other through the divorce courts.

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