17 March 2011 by

Commercial Property on the increase

Finally some good news in commercial property, after a year spent raising capital, UK Real Investment Trusts are apparently now in the mood to spend.

REIT’s have made a dramatic comeback into the market in the last 3 months acquiring £1.9bn and selling £1.6bn of commercial property….

4 March 2011 by

Three’s a crowd

You may have read in the newspapers recently about the Italian bride who filed for divorce a month after her wedding because her husband insisted on taking his mother along for the honeymoon – how romantic!

14 March 2011 by

Tax Doesn’t Have to Be Taxing

So say those helpful HMRC adverts reminding us to pay our income tax on time. In reality, years of government tinkering has left the UK with one of the most complex tax regimes in the world, if not the most complex.

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