23 November 2009 by Lynne Burdon

Equal rights do not apply to volunteers

Volunteers who give time to charities are not covered by equal treatment legislation the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled!

A Citizens Advice Bureau worker brought a claim on the grounds that she had received less favourable treatment under the Disability Discrimination Act 2005. The Tribunal struck out the claim on the basis that only employees not volunteers are protected by the DDA.

19 November 2009 by Louise Dawson

How annoying

The recent Court of Appeal case of Davies v Dennis and others [2009] dealt with the question of whether building an extension on a residential property fell foul of a restrictive covenant against annoyance or nuisance.

19 November 2009 by Lynne Burdon

The fear of failure

This year I am leading our marathon effort - 13 of us are going to Florence at the end of this month to run the marathon. We have trained hard - we have all completed a half marathon and all was going well. I really thought my dodgy hamstrings were holding up but then just a couple of weeks after the half marathon in Bristol they decided enough was enough and running became impossible.

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