2 September 2010 by Lynne Burdon

Freedom to instruct Bolt Burdon when using your Legal Expenses Insurance

I am pleased to read this morning that the Financial Services Authority has ordered legal expenses insurers to prove that they comply with European law that gives policy holders rights to choose their own solicitor. It has long been the practice of legal expense insurers to require their policy holders to use their own ‘panel’ solicitor. Panel solicitors often have a financial relationship with the insurance company. The ECJ ruled in Eschig in September 2009 that a legal expenses insurer cannot insist its policyholders use a panel solicitor. I await developments with interest.

27 August 2010 by Matthew Miller

EMI share option schemes

Statistics recently released by HM Revenue & Customs show that the number of Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share options that were granted and/or exercised in the 2008/2009 tax year declined substantially.

1 September 2010 by Lynne Burdon

Client feedback – does it really change the way we behave?

We have completed 12 client surveys since our first one in July 2004.

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