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Home repairs…a criminal offence?

We all know that if you own a property and want to do any major works to it you need to get the necessary planning permissions and building consents. However, if your property is also a listed building, which has a structure or feature thought to be of importance due to its architectural, historical or environmental significance, getting consent becomes slightly tougher.

As much as you may want to make alterations to your property it is important to remember that buildings are added to the list in “recognition of their value as irreplaceable historic assets which contribute to the quality of the local environment by enhancing the street scene and sustaining a sense of distinctiveness.”

“Listed” status covers the whole building inside and out; this means that any alterations including: replacing windows, knocking down walls or even painting over brickwork will in all likelihood require listed building consent. The consents ensure that any alterations are in keeping with the character of the building and none of the historic or special features are lost. Generally, once you submit your application, the Local Authority will aim to return a decision within 8 -13 weeks. This includes a statutory 21 day consultation period where neighbours and other interested parties can have their say.

Going ahead with works without getting the appropriate consents is a criminal offence, and may well lead to you being forced to undo any work carried out at your own expense. Another important point to bear in mind is that, unlike other permissions or consents, enforcement for breaches on listed buildings does not have a limitation period, which means the Local Authority could potentially come knocking at your door at any point!

This can often create significant problems when selling listed buildings. If the alterations have been carried out without proper permission or consent and cannot be adequately indemnified against, it may lead to your property not reaching its full market potential.

If you are buying or selling a listed building or have any other question regarding buying or selling a property, please contact Nicki Iliffe 020 7288 4719 nickiiliffe@boltburdon.co.uk

24 October 2014 by

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27 October 2014 by

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