21 January 2013 by

Husband sues ex-wife after discovering children were not his

It has been reported in the Daily Telegraph that Richard Rodwell, a 46-year-old factory manager from Peterborough, has been awarded damages of £25,000 against his ex-wife, Helen, who had convinced him that he was the father of her two children.

Mr Rodwell, who had raised the children as his own, successfully sued his ex-wife for deceit when, following the breakdown of the marriage, he discovered that the children were not his and in fact had two different fathers. Mr Rodwell’s solicitor told the newspaper that the Court had likened the situation to bereavement and had awarded a similar sum to what would be received if your child died in an accident.

21 January 2013 by

Scientologist loses bid to marry in her own church

24-year-old Louisa Hodkin wants to marry her fiancé, a fellow Scientologist, in a Church of Scientology chapel in central London. She is currently prevented from doing so because the Registrar General of Births, Deaths and Marriages has refused to register the chapel for the solemnisation of marriages under the 1855 Places of Worship Registration Act because it is not “a place of religious worship”.

21 January 2013 by

Property tycoon, Scot Young, jailed in bitter divorce

51-year-old Scot Young, described at earlier Court hearings as a “property tycoon”, has been involved in a long-running divorce battle with his estranged wife Michelle Young, 48, since they separated in 2006.

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