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Live/Work Units – the essentials

Many buyers looking for a residential flat will stumble across “live/work” units. But many do not fully understand what a “live/work” unit is. If you are one of them, then this blog is for you…

A “live/work” unit is designed to allow the space to be used simultaneously as a home as well as a base from which to run a business. Running a business from the flat is mandatory. Using the flat exclusively for residential use is not permitted.

There are two aspects to this. Firstly, the lease will determine what the flat can be used for. If the permitted use under the lease is as a “live/work” unit, you must use the flat to live in and from which to run a business. Using the flat for 100% residential use would be a breach of the lease. The consequences of this can be severe, and in some cases can result in the lease being terminated by the Landlord.

The second consideration is a planning issue. The authorised use designated by the local authority under the planning permission for the block will be as a “live/work” unit. Sole residential use will fall foul of this also. Where a breach of planning condition is discovered by the local authority, they can take action to force it to be rectified. They could require the owner to run a business from the flat, and pay both council tax and business rates.

Unless the seller can provide both a certificate from the local authority authorising sole residential use and a deed of variation from the Landlord changing the permitted use under the lease, then buying a “live/work” unit for sole residential use is not advisable.

If you decide that a “live/work” unit is for you, it is imperative that you are represented by someone with specialist knowledge, who can ensure that all of the documentation is in order. You must also inform your lender that the flat is a “live/work” unit when making your mortgage application as some lenders will not lend on “live/work” units.

For further information on live/work units or the conveyancing process generally, please contact Jaclyn Smith on 020 7288 4776 or jaclynsmith@boltburdon.co.uk.

9 May 2013 by

Canapés and Insurance…..

In this commercial property e-news I am happy to impart two rather important facts to my avid readers.

14 May 2013 by

Changes to the registration of Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs)

The new timeframes for the registration of lasting powers of attorney (LPA) come as a welcome change to a well documented and (very) long winded registration process.

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