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How much?!

The High Court has criticised the “eye-watering” legal costs in what may become the highest divorce settlement in England and Wales.

The case involves a 74 year old husband who is a Director of Corus Hotels Limited and who has a 40% interest in Laura Ashley. His wife is the former Miss Malaysia. According to The Times the wife is seeking a record breaking £500 million settlement following the breakdown of their long marriage.

Together the parties have to date spent a staggering £1,487,000 in legal costs here with further costs incurred in Malaysia where they are both originally from.  They have both faced stark criticism from the Judge who urged them to negotiate a settlement “before [the] appalling litigation gets yet further out of control”.

The Judge’s biggest concern however, was not the cost to the parties, but the affect this one case was having on ordinary litigants in desperate need of the Court’s precious time. Will his attitude mark a change in the Court’s approach to the growing number of big money international divorce proceedings being brought in this jurisdiction? It will be interesting to see how this develops.

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17 March 2014 by Michael Culver

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20 March 2014 by Matthew Miller

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