11 January 2010 by Nicki Iliffe

Need a new boiler

At the beginning of January the Government introduced a new scheme designed to get people to replace their old inefficient boilers with new more efficient ones. The scheme provides that up to 125,000 households will be given £400 towards the cost of a new boiler.

The scheme is open to all householders (both owners and tenants) and private landlords in England providing their current boiler is working and is “G” rated. The old boiler must be replaced with a new “A” rated boiler. The boiler which is replaced must be the main boiler which is used to heat their home.

If you are interested in this scheme you should nominate an installer and obtain a quote. You should then contact the Energy Saving Trust who will, if you are accepted provide you with a voucher which will have to be used within 12 weeks of being issued.

Just a reminder that if you are considering replacing your boiler make sure that it is done by a Gas Safe Registered engineer and that you obtain the correct certification once the job is done.

11 December 2009 by

Green Leases? What would Tiger say?

This term is often used to describe a series of provisions within or associated with a commercial lease that encourage or require the landlord and the tenant to reduce the environmental impact of the premises.

4 January 2010 by Vincent Billings

Image is everything

"Image rights” are rights in someone’s personality, such as the individual’s name, likeness or other personal features e.g. signatures, nicknames or their physical and/or style characteristics. Any individual, subject to satisfying certain tests, may exercise these rights to prevent the unauthorised use of any aspect of their image.

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