Ready-made resolutions for 2018

It’s a new year so time to set your goals for the 12 months ahead.

Personally I’m a huge fan of January as it’s a time to reflect on what has changed in your life over the last 12 months whilst at the same time it’s a clean slate for what lies ahead.

There is no better time of year to think about the bigger picture. Where do you want to go and what do you want to achieve? How are you going to get there?

It is also a great time for organising your affairs and getting your paperwork in order.

Resolutions for 2018

  • Make or review a Will

If you’ve not yet made a Will now is the time to get this sorted out. It is rarely as complicated as you think and once it’s done you can put it away and not think about it for a few years at least. Just think of the peace of mind it will bring you knowing your loved ones will benefit in the way you want them to after your death.

If you have a Will already, now is the perfect time to review it. Does it still reflect your wishes? Is it up to date? Have your circumstances changed since it was made?

  • Make a lasting Power of Attorney (for yourself or persuade a loved one to make one)

Have you considered what your family would do if you lose capacity or the ability to make decisions for yourself? Once you have made one you can again rest easy knowing everything is in place and there will be no need to pop it on next year’s resolution list.

  • Leave a lasting legacy

If you have a business have you considered how it will continue without you in the future? In one respect you may not care but why not set the target of leaving a lasting legacy and make your hours of grind worth all the effort long into the future.

  • Prepare your tax return in good time and minimise the tax you pay

Are you rushing around completing your tax return and do you find you always leave this to the last minute? Why not make the decision right now to get this sorted out in plenty of time this year whilst taking advice to minimise the tax that you pay.

Whatever your goals, ambitions, aims, targets or if you simply want to get things organised we will be only too happy to help.

Happy new year from all at Bolt Burdon.

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You can also contact one of our other solicitors in the Wealth Planning team here.

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