26 November 2009 by Lynne Burdon

Referral fees under scrutiny again

Once again there is discussion about whether or not solicitors should be allowed to ‘buy’ work by paying a referral fee. Last week the Council of the Law Society voted to lobby the government to ban referral fees in a reversal of previous policy. We have all seen the result of referral fees in the personal injury world with claims management companies advertising on national television for accident victims. We are beginning to get more approaches in other areas of work from organisations wanting to sell work to us. We have to operate in the market as it exists now but my personal view is that I would like to see referral fees banned. Although clients are always told when a referral fee is paid I think that often the work goes to the firm willing to pay the biggest fee – this is probably not always in the client’s best interests.

19 November 2009 by Lynne Burdon

The fear of failure

This year I am leading our marathon effort - 13 of us are going to Florence at the end of this month to run the marathon. We have trained hard - we have all completed a half marathon and all was going well. I really thought my dodgy hamstrings were holding up but then just a couple of weeks after the half marathon in Bristol they decided enough was enough and running became impossible.

23 November 2009 by Lynne Burdon

Equal rights do not apply to volunteers

Volunteers who give time to charities are not covered by equal treatment legislation the Employment Appeal Tribunal has ruled!

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