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Seminar Programme 2014/15

Don’t get taken to the cleaners!

In this ‘beginner guide’ to divorce settlements we take a look at how the Court approaches the division of matrimonial assets on divorce and what can be done to try and influence that decision making process.

Whether for your own personal curiosity or to enable you to better advise your own clients who may be facing separation this talk will provide you with an overview of the law as it currently stands.

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Public Health Warning: Marriage can seriously damage your wealth.

In this insightful and interesting seminar we examine the growing popularity of the pre-nup and the extent to which they are now enforced by the Courts. We also explore the financial claims available to both married and unmarried couples on separation, looking at the Court’s approach to each and the steps which can be taken to protect your property and assets.

Perhaps of interest to you personally or in your work capacity it will provide a helpful summary of the law in this area and how to minimise claims being brought on separation.

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What you need to know before living together, getting engaged and tying the knot.

In this whistle stop tour of relationships we look at the financial implication of living with a partner, getting engaged and marriage. This talk examines some of the common misconceptions and what can be done to safeguard property and assets in the event of a relationship breakdown and will provide an overview of the financial claims available to couples upon separation at different stages of the relationship

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Buying and investing in the London Property Market

We have partnered up with Strettons the surveyors to provide this joint seminar looking at buying and investing in the ever expanding London property market. Strettons will explore the up and coming hotspots and how to future proof your purchase to ensure a good return on your investment whilst we take care of the legal side.

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Residential landlord and tenant law – Guidance for landlords

This seminar is aimed primarily at existing private residential landlords, or to anyone considering becoming a landlord or looking to invest in the rental market.

We will provide you with an invaluable toolkit for all landlords. Giving a broad summary of all aspects of the landlord and tenant relationship, we start with the basics and will look at the different types of residential tenancies and requirements of the tenancy deposit scheme before moving onto the more complicated areas of problem tenants, arrears and termination.

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Breathe a new lease of life into your property: A guide to buying and owning leasehold property

Do you currently own or are considering buying a leasehold property? Our Leasehold Reform Team will explain how to extend your leases or acquire the freehold, so you are able to maximise the full potential of your property.

This talk also touches on other related issues; such as service charge disputes, right to manage claims and making alterations to your property. We consider some of the difficulties usually encountered when owning leasehold property and how to resolve them.

Getting your house in order: Tax planning for the new financial year

New tax year, new tax problems. In this seminar we focus on recent changes in tax law following the recent budget: the implications for you; what you need to be aware of; and the steps that can now be taken to mitigate tax.

Protecting your family’s future

We focus here on the individual and ways to protect your family if you were to pass away or develop an illness very suddenly and provide you with practical solutions arising in these circumstances.

What happens if you die intestate (without a will)? Have you thought about Inheritance tax planning and ensuring your spouse/civil partner has access to funds? We also discuss here, capital gains tax planning and the implications for your assets, Lasting Powers of Attorney and why they are so important and lastly the issue of domicile and the impact this can have on your estate.

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First Time Buyers: Everything you need to know about purchasing your first home

Buying your first home can be a daunting and stressful experience, in this practical seminar we will take you through the whole process in easy stages from finding a property, dealing with finance and mortgages to exchanging contracts and completing. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about surveys, searches, deposits, legal documents, joint ownership and registration meaning that you are well prepared for the process ahead.

Whether you are a first time buyer or if you are simply thinking of moving and need a refresher on the process this talk will be of interest to all.

A-Z employment guide for new businesses

Employment law may seem like an overly complex area for the new business but the issues are actually fairly straight-forward for a start-up. As a young business, you are likely to run into a few specific problems in the early stages, but we can help guide you through these potential pitfalls and provide the essential advice you need to minimise any disruption to your new business.

Our seminar covers the basics of employment law from the point of view of a start-up, covering the areas of employment law you are likely to encounter as a new business: including contracts of employment, payslips and the national minimum wage; discrimination issues; sickness and sick pay; how to ensure employees are employed legally; and how to dismiss employees safely.

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Staying offline – for now

Last year the Ministry of Justice proposed a number of changes to Lasting Powers of Attorney.   The headline change was […]

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Update for Landlords and Agents: Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes

Most landlords and agents will already be aware that since 6 April 2007, it has been mandatory for landlords of […]

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