9 June 2011 by

Skype you soon!

In a recent Court of Appeal case a father’s application to prevent his former partner from emigrating to Australia with his two young children was refused because it was considered to be in the children’s best interests to relocate with the mother.

The Court was told how the mother felt “isolated, trapped and depressed” in Britain and that she would be “devastated” if she was prevented from going. The Court found that it would be “plainly wrong” to block the mother’s hopes of a new life and that the father could maintain his relationship with the children using online services such as Skype to see and talk to them.

I’m not entirely sure that I agree?

20 May 2011 by

The Rights of Unmarried Couples, a cautionary tale to be continued

Last year the number of marriages in England and Wales was the lowest since 1895, with just 232,900 couples deciding to bite the bullet and get hitched. Instead of getting married, many couples are just living together or 'cohabiting'.

26 May 2011 by

Going down the drain?

The majority of properties are connected to public sewers. The general maintenance and repair of these will be looked after by the local water authority except for any private connections running from the public sewer to your property which will be your (and possibly your neighbour’s) responsibility to maintain.

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