21 December 2010 by

Stating the obvious ………….

Which head of a renowned commercial agency office recently stated that “ Nobody in the retail trade is in doubt that a shop in the wrong location, or even a shop in the right location, on the wrong terms, can spell doom for the business….” Duh…answers on a postcard please…..

14 December 2010 by Sarah Davies

Conveyancing Masterclass

When we talk about the deeds to a house many people think about reams of old papers and stacks of documents, the reality is generally much more simple.

14 December 2010 by Sarah Davies

Conveyancing Masterclass II

When buying a new home your solicitor will arrange for searches to be carried out on the property. There are a number of searches which may potentially be arranged depending on the location of the property for instance a Tin Mining search if the property is in Cornwall or a Brine search if it is in Cheshire.

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