4 July 2018 by Leah Veasey

Introducing…… “Tenants’ Tales”

A series of blogs following the lives of fictitious characters designed to help explain the legal aspects of  leasehold living in a fun yet educational way.

Tenant's Tale

Meeting new people always used to make me feel uncomfortable…anyone who says that they love it are lying!  There’s the awkward silences, small talk, and the delicate balancing act of trying to reveal a little about the “Real You!” without seeming contrived, or, worse, downright weird.  Does anyone really care that I crochet, or that I can make a killer Martini?

Now that I am a good 8 years into my legal career, it’s a lot easier than it used to be.  I have almost mastered the difficult art of small talk, and can present to a crowded room with only the slightest hint of butterflies.  Although I must be honest, sometimes my jokes still go down like a lead balloon.

For me, the natural progression from mastering those skills was to put pen to paper and master the art of blog writing.  I have read a lot of blogs, and I mean a lot of blogs, but what strikes me about legal blogs is the lack of personality – I love leasehold property law, and yet I cannot bring myself to finish reading some of the blogs available on the current hot topics because they are just so boring!

Leasehold property is an area of law which I am incredibly passionate about – I have been practicing leasehold enfranchisement since I began training as a solicitor, and really do love what I do, but I am always surprised at how few people even realize that leasehold property exists, and moreover, the effect that leasehold property has on their day to day lives.

Part of what I want to do with this Blog is provide an accessible platform for learning and asking questions, because so many of the problems that we face are down to a lack of understanding.  Knowledge empowers.  My goal is to cut through the clutter and make leasehold law simpler for you – not add any unnecessary complexity, as there is enough of that in most leases already.

I also want to allow you, my readers, a sneak peek behind the curtains at the Real Leah, so that when we work together in the future, you already know me, and we can forget about the small talk and move straight to the good stuff!

So, if you want to gain a little knowledge and understanding of some different aspects of leasehold law from a friendly face, then “Tenants’ Tales” is the blog for you.  Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you around again soon for the first installment of my blog, and the introduction of Miss Browne.

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