30 August 2018 by Leah Veasey

Tenants’ Tales: Shut That Dog Up!  A Cautionary Tale…

A series of blogs following the lives of fictitious characters designed to help explain the legal aspects of leasehold living in a fun yet educational way.

Tenant's Tale

Ms Funnell lived a simple life.  She had retired some years ago, and lived alone in a ground floor flat.  She couldn’t deny that she was a bit of a curtain twitcher, and when Miss Browne moved in, she watched most of her furniture carried up the stairs.  In the weeks following, she became increasingly annoyed with the various deliveries for her new neighbour, (“Who on earth needs two sofas?!” she mused.  “And how many more crates of wine is she going to have delivered??”)

But, when she saw Max arrive, she knew that her and Miss Browne would not be friends.  Max was a big, fluffy, Giant Poodle, full on energy, jumping up and down on his lead as Miss Browne brought him into the hallway for the first time… you’ll never guess what he did to Ms Funnell’s potted plants!  Each time Miss Browne would take Max out for a walk, Ms Funnell would pop her head out of her door and yell, “Keep that mangy dog away from my plants!”

As far as Miss Browne was concerned, Max, her best friend in the entire world, was an angel, he could literally do no wrong.  She fed him tit-bits from her dinner plate, made him a cup of tea with honey in his water bowl every morning, and allowed him up on the sofa.  But when she was at work, he was like a dog possessed – howling and barking, yipping and yapping, woofing and scratching at the door incessantly, all day, not even stopping for a dog nap!

After the second day of this, Ms Funnell collared Miss Browne in the hallway.  “You need to shut that dog up, or I will!”  She screeched, practically pulling her hair out in frustration.  “I don’t know what you are talking about,” replied Miss Browne, continuing up the stairs with her bottle of red wine and microwave meal.

The next morning, Ms Funnell called Mr Castle, the managing agent; he knew better than to ignore her calls, and picked up almost immediately.  “Yes… yes…*sigh* hmmm, yes Ms Funnell, I understand… Wait a minute, a Giant Poodle?!”

“Yes, Mr Castle, have you not been listening to a word that I have said, really?  A Giant Poodle named Max, and he just will not stop BARKING!  What are you going to do about it?”  Mr Castle consulted his reference file for Tenant’s Towers, which he put together after having the leases reviewed by a solicitor, and confirmed to Ms Funnell that she was quite right – pets were not to be kept in the flats without the prior consent of the freeholder.

“I’ll contact the new flat owner as soon as possible, Ms Funnell,” he said.  “She may not be aware that she is doing anything wrong, after all she has only just moved in.  But she does need to appreciate that the dog needs to be kept under control, or it will have to go.”  Ms Funnell rubbed her hands together – she knew that this would ruin Miss Browne’s day.


23 August 2018 by Leah Veasey

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A series of blogs following the lives of fictitious characters designed to help explain the legal aspects of leasehold living in […]

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