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Three’s a crowd

You may have read in the newspapers recently about the Italian bride who filed for divorce a month after her wedding because her husband insisted on taking his mother along for the honeymoon – how romantic!

The blushing bride finally thought that she was free of her suffocating mother-in-law after marrying her boyfriend in a lavish church ceremony in Rome. However, the thought of leaving his mother behind was just too much for him, so he secretly booked her into the same five-star hotel as him and his new wife. The first thing his wife knew about it was when her mother-in-law turned up at the airport!

Unsurprisingly the wife filed for divorce in Italy on the basis of her husband’s excessive emotional attachment to his mother. In contrast to the Italian divorce system, had the wife divorced here, she would have had to wait for 12 months before she could even petition for the divorce and she would then have to satisfy the Court that her husband’s behaviour was so bad that she could not reasonably be expected to live with him – who knows what would have happened if the Judge had been a mummy’s boy!

4 March 2011 by Matthew Miller

Lessons to be learned

At the end of last year, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) imposed 2 hefty fines for serious breaches of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) under powers that came into force earlier in the year.

4 March 2011 by

Man’s best friend – not always!

As a family lawyer I often have to deal with disputes regarding children or what should happen to the matrimonial assets upon divorce, but I was really taken aback when I was recently asked by a client to advise on who would get Bingo, the family Labrador, whose name I have changed to protect his identity!

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