4 December 2015 by

To Build or not to Build?

Across the country there is a shortage of affordable housing which we regularly hear about in the press.  The Government is aware that something needs to happen to tackle this and has recently confirmed its commitment to increase the supply of housing by doing several things including:

  • Reforming the planning system to free up land for houses.
  • Supporting the availability of appropriate land for housing, including releasing public sector land with capacity for up to 160,000 homes.
  • Ensuring the release of unused and previously undeveloped commercial, retail and industrial land for Starter Homes.
  • Supporting the regeneration of previously developed brownfield sites in the greenbelt, by allowing them to be developed in the same way as other brownfield land.
  • Backing Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) house builders by amending planning policy to support small sites and halving the length of the planning guarantee for minor developments.
  • Offering £2.3 billion in loans to help regenerate large council estates and invest in infrastructure needed for major housing development.
  • Investing £310 million to deliver the first new garden city at Ebbsfleet. This is part of a wider £700 million programme of regeneration at Barking Riverside, Brent Cross, Northstowe and Bicester Garden Town. This will support the construction of up to 60,000 new homes.
  • Ensuring that local communities can allocate land for housing through neighbourhood plans, even if the land is not allocated for housing in the local plan.

As a developer this could be the ideal time to consider making the most of these schemes and starting new projects.

If you are planning a development be it large or small, please contact us on 0207 288 4700

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