16 November 2009 by Lynne Burdon

This week I got a present

It all arose out of a mistake. Like so many mistakes somehow this problem had slipped through the net every place where it should have been picked up. We didn’t spend too long looking at where to apportion blame. The solicitor worked with the most senior partners and eventually solutions were found. The rest is history – the case was won and everyone is delighted. We bought the solicitor a present as we so often do to reward special effort. but so unexpectedly she bought a bottle of champagne for the partners that had supported her. It is wonderful when the firm pulls together like this.

5 November 2009 by Matthew Miller

Non-disclosure agreements

We are often asked to draft Non-Disclosure Agreements or ‘NDAs’ for clients as these (in theory) offer more protection than the general law and are usually seen as the best way of ensuring that sensitive information is disclosed in circumstances which actively impose an enforceable obligation of confidence on the recipient.

6 November 2009 by Vincent Billings

How to sell a business in three days…

On Tuesday I took urgent instructions from a client, who was in the process of selling their business.

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