Bolt Burdon Solicitors and Thornhill Primary School inspire the next generation of lawyers

A group of 15 year six pupils has taken part in a five week enrichment programme at Bolt Burdon. As part of the BIG Alliance (Businesses for Islington Giving) partnership the children spent five consecutive Friday afternoons at the leading Islington law firm’s unique offices on Upper Street.

The pupils were treated to a wide-ranging experience designed to give them a flavour of working for a successful law firm, and a more general introduction to the world of work.

The pupils not only quizzed some of the firm’s 60 staff, but also prepared for and took part in two mock trials, gaining a better understanding on how the law impacts upon everyday life. They worked with Bolt Burdon’s Marketing Manager to create posters to promote their school, which prides itself on giving children a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

Helen Beach, a Solicitor who heads up one of the firm’s Wills and Probate teams, and who ran the programme for Bolt Burdon, said:

“We have been established in Islington for over 35 years and see ourselves very much as part of the local community.  This opportunity was a great way of inviting a pioneering local school into our workplace and giving something back.  It was a fantastic experience for our staff, the children were a delight to host and if we can inspire at least one or two into the Law or simply spark an interest into the world of work it will have been well worth it”

Louise Ryer, Assistant Headteacher, noted that the collaboration was a great opportunity for the children to learn new soft skills that they may find useful later in life.

“Bolt Burdon has provided an inclusive and exciting opportunity for our students as part of our on-going Enrichment Programme here at Thornhill. We want all children to have high aspirations for themselves and to have experience of what the world can offer them. Learning outside the classroom facilitates opportunities to develop a whole range of skills that support lifelong learners. Skills such as risk taking, collaboration, presentational skills and so much more. Children’s aspirations are raised as they understand what is out there in the world of work and how they might be able to pursue such careers as they develop and grow. Thank you Bolt Burdon”

Perhaps the most important feedback though came from the pupils themselves:

“  I learned that solicitors are a good place to go if you need help.”

“ I liked meeting with the solicitors and all the staff.  I learnt about training and marketing (which I liked a lot) and I believe that this could help me in the future”

“I really liked the last session because we got to make a really cool poster.  We also had to stand up when the judge came – to show respect”

So successful was the partnership that plans are already being made to re-run the programme later this year and hopefully inspire another group of young people. Ms Lewis, Headteacher, explained:

“I am very grateful for the experience that Bolt Burdon have provided for our pupils. We are lucky to have a wealth of opportunity in the borough and we want to capitalise on the success of this project to provide more for our children. Bolt Burdon have helped to show children what solicitors really do and dispel the myths that such careers may not be open to all. I am sure a solicitor of the future has been born”

For more information about how your business can become involved in creating local change contact Raymond Kinsella at the BIG Alliance, using, or by calling 07932 046302. If you would like to find out more about Bolt Burdon call 020 7288 4700.


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