Simon Beasley

I am a Partner and head of the Dispute Resolution Team.

I take a tactical and strategic approach to matters, as the focus on the true commercial outcome for our clients can otherwise be lost.

I get to know my clients, their businesses and commercial objectives as this helps both in dealing with their disputes, but also in being able to advise them about ways to avoid them in the future. Too often litigators are utilised as a last resort and only once disputes have progressed far further than they could have.

Many of the disputes my team deals with involved matters relating to contractual agreements or breach of professional duties, such as Directors. These high value and complex matters often require knowledge of several different areas of law, to ensure that the best tactical approach is used. Some of our main areas of focus are:

  • International Disputes

    High value international arbitrations, enforcement of foreign judgments, cross border disputes and resolutions via other methods of ADR.

  • Construction

    Main contractor disputes, payment issues with sub-contractors, defective works, issues with final accounts and all forms of ADR.

  • Transport, Logistics and Suppliers

    Supply chain contract disputes, CMR convention breaches and retention of title issues.

In my spare time I train in Krav Maga and watch or attend as much motorsport (two or four wheels) as possible.


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