Receiving the offer of a new role is an exciting time – that’s why it’s easy to sign the contract without really looking at the terms. What might appear to be a standard contract of employment (the most important parts being your salary, bonus, or days holiday), clauses such as the timing of and conditions relating to any bonus payments, any conflict-of-interest provisions or post termination restrictions on your ability to work for who you want, might catch you unaware.

As with many contracts, the devil is often in the details. Therefore, it is easy to overlook or simply misunderstand the true meaning of a particular clause. That’s why our expert employment lawyers are here to help. We can advise you on the meaning and application of all the terms in your contract and will give you commercially realistic advice on how to obtain the best employment contract or consultancy agreement for you.

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If you are facing disciplinary allegations, be they of under-performance or unacceptable conduct etc., it can be a worrying and stressful time. However, in these circumstances it is critical to face the allegations with a clear and focused mind. Obtaining objective, expert legal advice will help you to understand your rights, whether or not you have been treated fairly, and help you to create a clear strategy to manage the process, which takes some of the pressure off.

Our expert team of employment lawyers have considerable experience advising both employers and employees on disciplinary and performance matters. We understand both sides so we can help you create a clear and effective strategy aimed at protecting your professional reputation and career prospects and securing the best outcome for you.

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It is against the law to favour one person over another based on certain personal attributes – but unfortunately it happens, even in the workplace. These attributes are commonly referred to as ‘protected characteristics’ and include:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

Being the victim of discriminatory behaviour is extremely distressing and can have a huge damaging impact on both your career and personal life. That’s why it’s so important that you get the right legal advice. We take all of your personal circumstances into account so we can give you the best advice.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of employment lawyers act for both organisations dealing with discrimination complaints, and those who have been the victim of discriminatory conduct.

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If you have a work-related dispute, we’ll ease the burden and stress it can cause by working closely with you to get the outcome you want. We specialise in obtaining confidential settlements for our clients that protect their income and reputation and enable them to move on – in many cases avoiding litigation.

We will work with you to resolve your workplace dispute without having to take it further. However, if required, we can commence legal proceedings to either the Employment Tribunal or the Civil Court, where our expert team of employment lawyers have a huge amount of experience in dealing with hundreds of claims in the Tribunal and Court system.

Whether you’re facing unfair dismissal, a complaint of detrimental treatment following whistleblowing, or an application for interim relief you can rest assured that we have dealt with a similar case previously.

We act on behalf of both employers and employees, which means we have seen both sides of cases, giving us the advantage of being able to anticipate and mitigate strategies used by our opponents.

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If you’re feeling frustrated with something at work – perhaps you’ve been treated poorly, or your work conditions aren’t up to the standard you would expect – it’s easy to leave things to decline. It can also turn a stressful situation from bad to worse, impacting your relationships both at work and at home, and possibly even damaging your career.

We can help – we’ll provide you with advice to help remove the uncertainty from your situation. We’ll make sure you know what your legal rights are. And we’ll be able to give you an objective view of your circumstances and help you form a strategy to move forward.

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No longer do most people stay at the same organisation for their entire career – in fact, the average person changes job an average of 12 times during his or her career. What you might not realise, however, is if you are leaving an employer, you could face some post-termination restrictions.

If you are thinking about joining a competitor or setting up your own business which might be in competition with your current employer, it’s vital that you get legal advice early on.

Whether you were just unaware, or initially assumed they wouldn’t be enforced – employers use post termination restrictions to protect their business and can threaten injunctive action if they suspect an individual is acting in breach of a restrictive covenant. It can be an extremely expensive mistake to make. We can assist you in navigating the complexities and subtleties of restrictive covenants. Our expert team of employment lawyers can provide you with strategic and effective guidance to help you make your next career move with confidence.

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If employment relationships break down, employers will often use settlement agreements as a means to achieve a clean break settlement. Whether it’s due to redundancy, poor performance, or ill health, before signing a settlement agreement, employees need to take legal advice on the terms and effect of signing.

That’s where we come in. Our expert team of employment lawyers can help support, guide, and advise you through this process. We’ll advise you on the options for achieving the best possible settlement.

We will seek to ensure your legal rights are protected, that your reputation and future employability is protected, and that we obtain the best possible outcome for you.

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These days, there’s a lot more flexibility around how we work, with agile working, working from home, and even the gig economy, to different types of leave, like parental and adoption leave, and taking time off to take care of dependants. Whether you’re working remotely, consulting, or part time, we all seek to achieve a work-life balance, and every job has its own pressures.

Along with their legal duties, employers also have more general duties to ensure the health and safety of their staff. If you’re interested in negotiating a different style of working, or a specific type of leave.

Our employment lawyers can advise you of your rights and guide you.

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Your career is where you spend most of your time, that’s why we believe it’s worth the investment to get the best advice possible. We are upfront and transparent about the cost of our advice. We’ll explain to you the likely costs of our service at every stage of the process.

We offer a range of fee options including:

  • Hourly rates – you pay for our advice by the minute and will be given information about the likely overall cost of your matter. This way you simply get what you pay for on a time incurred basis.
  • Fixed fee – we will assess your situation and quote a fixed fee for the work involved in advising you. This gives you a level of cost certainty as to how much you will pay.
  • Legal expenses insurance – it is always worth checking whether your home insurance provides you with legal expenses insurance. It is one of those extras insurance companies often try to sell or may even throw in with your level of cover and it could be one of the most beneficial. The insurance may cover most, or all of your legal fees and we regularly work with insurers who fund employment related claims.
  • Damages based agreements (sometimes referred to as no win, no fee) – in certain cases we may agree to undertake work for you on the basis that we take a fixed percentage of any compensation or settlement that may be paid to you.