Tejal Amin

“I was so supremely impressed with Tejal. I felt she understood everything she needed to about me and my case, allowing her to answer questions in the way I needed to hear. These skills of analysis and communication made her invaluable to the purchase process; I don’t think I would be sitting in my new flat right now without her hard work. I was filled with confidence that my interests were protected and the right outcome would be achieved. There was no moment where I wished for anything more from her.”

28 January 2022 by

Getting your Will from the ‘To-do’ list to the ‘Done’ list

As the end of January approaches, we reach the first milestone in the New Year’s Resolution cycle, an opportunity to […]

3 February 2022 by

The importance of observing consultation requirements for landlords

Under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, landlords must consult with their tenants before undertaking certain works at their property […]

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