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Lease Review

In all instances where a property is owned on a leasehold basis, there will be a lease; the lease forms the basis of the contract between the Landlord and the Tenant.

The concept of a lease has been around for centuries, and sometimes they are still written in very old fashioned and archaic language.  Sometimes, they are just written by draftsmen that have not considered the clarity of their phrasing.  Other times, they are so badly written that they fail to cover off the essentials!

Whatever the cause, the result is often a lease which requires formal interpretation, and a trained eye to advise on what the lease terms actually are.  We can assist in reviewing your lease, either in full, or in respect of a particular query.

A few examples of the questions you may have are:

  • What alterations can a tenant do without consent?
  • How much ground rent should I be charging?
  • What items of expenditure can be recovered as a service charge?
  • Who is responsible for maintenance of the balconies at my block?

We are able to assist with all of these questions and more, on a fixed fee basis. If the review identifies the need for additional services such as such as Licence to Alter or Breach of Lease we can help you with these too.

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