Commercial Real Estate and Development

Options: Buy or Rent?

For any business occupier, the decision of whether to buy or rent premises is fundamental.

If the business has goodwill attached to its location (such as a high street shop or restaurant) and you are able to raise the finance required then buying may be a good investment. Buying brings greater control over the use and fabric of the building, as well as the security that you can remain in the premises for as long as you require.

On the other hand, whilst the premises may be ideal for your current needs, you may prefer not to be obliged to make a capital investment and may prefer the freedom of being able to downsize or upgrade in a few year’s time. If so, you could be better suited with a short term lease.

Please feel free to one of the specialist team at Bolt Burdon before making your final decision.

Purchasing for Property Investment

If commercial or mixed use property investment is your business, financial considerations (and thus the structure and timing of a deal) become the most important consideration.

There may be some risks to take and, if so, we can advise on the implications. From simple agreements to the more complex transactions, we have experience of the many different ways of structuring a deal. These include sale and leaseback arrangements and leases extensions to multi-party ventures and sub-sales.

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