Dispute Resolution

Business Disputes

It is inevitable that people in business, whether partnerships or companies, will sometimes fall out. Bolt Burdon’s specialist dispute resolution team represent business clients in such disputes, whatever the size of business or trade.

We offer advice and representation to help minimise the damage of any fall out between partners, directors and shareholders. We have successfully acted for and against companies and partnerships in the following type of claims:

  • Unfair prejudice claims by shareholders
  • Breach of duty claims for and against directors
  • Breach of good faith claims for and against partners and directors
  • Earn out claims
  • Restrictive covenant and injunctive proceedings
  • Disputes over partnership and shareholder agreements

We will also help you protect your ongoing business and trading interests with strategic planning from the start of your claim. It is important that litigation solicitors provide business clients with pragmatic and accurate advice whilst at the same time always seeing the bigger commercial picture. Where we need to, we will contest claims vigourously because we are aware that the business world can be tough.

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Our Dispute Resolution Team

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