Dispute Resolution

International and Cross Border Disputes

If your dispute involves an international element, it is important to consider which country has jurisdiction for you to seek a remedy and which law will govern your dispute. We work with a wide range of international professionals (inside and outside of Europe) including lawyers/attorneys, private investigators and foreign businesses to assist our clients with their international and cross border disputes.

Matters relating to international disputes are not only limited to the initial jurisdiction of a dispute but can also include the enforcement of a foreign order or right.

If you are contemplating, or already involved in, a dispute it is advisable to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity. Our Dispute Resolution team can provide you with practical advice on your rights, the options available for you and assist you in dealing with the domestic and international elements of your dispute.

We have experience in assisting our clients with:

  • Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • International arbitrations
  • Cross border jurisdiction
  • Jurisdictional disputes for claims,
  • Enforcing foreign awards in England and Wales
  • Enforcing English orders domestically and internationally
  • Obtaining and enforcing remedies, such as World Freezing Orders/Injunctions

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