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We appreciate that one of the biggest problems facing someone who wishes to start or defend a legal claim is deciding how the case should be funded. With this in mind, we will carry out a detailed review of your funding options with specific reference to your needs, objectives and financial circumstances.

We believe that we offer our clients a greater variety of funding opportunities and more flexibility than most of our competitors. In each case, you will receive detailed costs advice and we will ensure that your claim is funded in a way that is in your best interests.

We offer the following funding options:

Conditional Fee Agreements (no win no fee)

Bolt Burdon is one of the minority of law firms that represents clients on a ‘no win no fee’ basis in non personal injury litigation. If the claim has reasonable merits and it is in your best interests then we can fight the case on your behalf at the risk of not getting paid if you lose.

Contingency Fee Agreements

On nearly all debt collection cases we offer to pursue debts on the basis that we will be paid a percentage of the money recovered. If no money is recovered, then we do not get paid. This is ideal for businesses with a steady volume of unpaid debtors.

Fixed Fees

Understandably, clients often like to know their costs exposure from the start. We regularly act on the basis that an agreed fee is fixed for the entire claim or that fixed fees are agreed for each stage in a claim. We would fix the fees based on the likely time and work involved and the facts of each particular case.


At the start of a claim we will review all of your insurance policies to see if you have legal expense cover. You may be surprised! Alternatively, we are happy to try and help you obtain ‘after the event’ insurance, if it is suitable to your needs.

Private Paying

We can also fund your case on the basis of time that we spend working on your file. If the claim in funded on this basis, we will give you detailed costs estimates so that there are no surprises in store.

Remember, if we win your claim, and we almost always do, your opponent will usually be liable to pay majority of your costs at the end of the case.

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