Restrictive Covenants

Employees come and employees go, but when they try to take part of your business with them, whether a confidential data base of clients or contacts; by contacting and dealing with clients or customers you have helped them bring in to your business; or by seeking to take some of your star performers with them you need to act, and fast, to protect your business.

Prevention is always better than cure and our expert team of employment lawyers regularly advises on the drafting of post termination restrictive covenants, specifically tailored to business sectors and our clients’ circumstances.

However, if someone has acted in breach of those covenants we can work with you to mitigate the damage caused.  We can and do take action to enforce post termination restrictive covenants and breaches of confidentiality and recover any loss to your business.

We always keep our eye on the commercial objective whether that be an expertly negotiated settlement or injunctive relief.

Our Your Business Team

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