Disputed Wills and Trusts

Broken Promises

Were you promised you would be left a gift in a will only to find out on the death of that person they have not honoured the promise? Perhaps the deceased said they would mention you in their will and they have not or they never made a will and so you do not benefit.  If this sounds familiar you may have a claim against the estate of the deceased for the promised gift.

In order to bring the claim you will have to show:

  1. That there was a promise, this can be both verbal or written.
  2. That you did something in reliance on that promise.  For instance, giving up a job, or working for less money than you might have earned elsewhere.
  3. That what you did can be regarded as having incurred a burden or a detriment.

The claim can also arise if you were promised a gift on death and before death the gift has been retracted.

If you find yourself in either situation you should contact us immediately as strict time limits apply.

We are always happy to talk on an initial no obligation and informal basis so please email or call one of the team.

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