Restrictive Covenants

The days of an individual staying at one organisation for life have gone.  Very few people stay at the same organisation for their entire career.  If you are thinking of leaving your employer to join a competitor; or setting up your own business which will or may be in competition with your current employer; or leaving as part of a team to join a competitor it is vital that you take expert legal advice at an early stage.

Lots of people are either unaware of the post termination restrictions their current employer imposes on them, simply ignored them on recruitment, or assume that they are not enforceable and will not be enforced.

Post termination restrictions are frequently enforced by employers seeking to protect their business and increasingly employers send reminder letters to employees pointing out the restrictions or threaten injunctive action, if they suspect an individual is acting in breach of a restrictive covenant.

Getting it wrong, whether agreeing to restrictive covenants you deem unreasonable before joining; forgetting or ignoring them on starting a new job; or knowingly acting in breach assuming your old employer will not do anything, can be an extremely expensive mistake both financially and in terms of your career.  Our expert team of employment lawyers can assist you navigate the complexities and subtleties of restrictive covenants, providing strategic and effective guidance to help you make your next career move with confidence.

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