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Listed Buildings are buildings or structures that have been deemed to be of national importance or special architectural interest; they are all included on a register called the National Heritage List.

There are various ‘Grades’ of Listing all of which have differing levels of impact on what you can and cannot do to a property. The owner of a Listed Building is responsible for maintaining its character and for not making any unauthorised changes or alterations.  If changes are made without consent then legal action can be taken at any time against the owner (regardless of whether they made the changes or not) with potentially up to two years imprisonment and an unlimited fine in addition to the cost of bringing the property back to an approved condition.

Bolt Burdon’s experienced property team will guide you through the special considerations that need to be taken when buying a Listed Building, whether you are purchasing a local townhouse, an old commercial building for conversion or a country estate we will;

  • Tell you whether the property is listed (and if so what grade), locally listed or in a Conservation Area;
  • Provide you with the listing information;
  • Investigate  the history of any alterations that have been made to the property and whether the appropriate consent was granted;
  • Advice on what to do if it wasn’t!;
  • Notify you of any other special considerations specific to the property in question

We know that your home is your castle (and even if it quite literally is) our property specialists are on hand to help you complete that special purchase.

For more information on Listed Buildings or if you have any questions please contact the team by email, click here.

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