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It is important that clients wishing to move to the UK take expert pre-arrival planning advice before moving and it is equally important for clients looking to move or work overseas to carry out pre-departure planning.

Our team at Bolt Burdon are able to provide expert advice to UK and international clients on UK direct taxes (inheritance tax, capital gains tax and income tax), to include advising:

  • Non-UK individuals who have UK assets.
  • Non-UK individuals who are planning on moving to the UK.
  • UK individuals who have non-UK assets.
  • UK individuals who are planning on leaving the UK.

An individual’s domicile and residence are particularly relevant in pre-arrival and pre-departure planning and we have experience of advising clients on their domicile and residence and how these might affect their UK inheritance, capital gains and income tax exposure.

This includes advising on:

  • Common law domicile.
  • Deemed domicile.
  • Domicile elections.
  • The Statutory Residence Test.

We also have established contacts in offshore jurisdictions whom we can put clients in touch with should they want to put a Will in place in such jurisdiction, or on the basis of our advice set up a trust in such jurisdiction as a result of the potential beneficial tax consequences of doing so.

Please call or email us to arrange an appointment or click here to view the profile of Michael Culver or here to view the profile of Sunir Watts, both of whom specialise in this area.

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