17 December 2021

Reflections on 2021

With busy lives and to-do lists as long as our arms, it is easy to keep our focus firmly ahead to the next task, but I find taking a moment to look back and take stock from time to time, and to acknowledge our achievements and the lessons learnt along the way, to be incredibly useful and motivating. This is never more appropriate than at the close of one year and the start of another, particularly this year when looking ahead feels it bit bleak in the very short term.

So in our final e-news of the year, here are my reflections on what 2021 looked like for Bolt Burdon.

  • We said goodbye to our amazing founding partner, Lynne Burdon, who retired 35 years after setting up Bolt Burdon.  We somehow pulled off a fantastic and fitting retirement party for her on Zoom.
  • We said hello to more new BB recruits than ever before following an immense recruitment drive.  As we are still working from home more than ever before, we’ve had to work doubly hard to integrate our new recruits into the Bolt Burdon way of life to ensure they feel part of our team.
  • We started to come back to the office, to spend time together again in real life and we realised we’d missed it!  So we started to venture in more.  We may have a temporary pause right now but I am confident that our office will buzz again in 2022.
  • We became even more flexible.  We’ve always embraced working from home, or from anywhere for that matter. It is a huge part of who we are and now more people than ever have seen the benefits of this and are embracing it.  Like most responsible employers, we have to balance this new normal in terms of ensuring our more junior members of staff are getting the right training and development and we’ve made changes to our training policy as a result.
  • We created new career paths for our rising stars and I look forward to seeing plenty of promotions along that path next year.
  • We doubled down on our commitment to exceeding our clients’ expectations, which is at the heart of Bolt Burdon, by creating a client pledge. We have continued to wow our clients and to receive the most incredible client feedback.

Of course, we did some great work, which included:

  • Helping senior female executives who faced being squeezed out of their jobs whilst on maternity leave.
  • Settling a number of will disputes and giving our clients financial security for life instead of nothing.
  • Working on a share sale for 16 different sellers based in the UK, Thailand, Spain, Indonesia, Poland and Argentina, working across three continents and time zones to get the deal done.
  • Being appointed as Independent Administrators for estate administration.
  • Surviving the SDLT holiday with a whopping four times more completions than average in June, whilst maintaining client feedback at an all time high.

We have more to do and we have big plans ahead of us for 2022 and beyond but, for now, I’d like to thank all of our inspirational clients for their continued support this year and to our wonderful BBers who never fail to amaze me with their talent, who make me laugh over a drink in the pub and who make it a joy to run this business.

Merry Christmas and here’s to a happy, prosperous and healthy 2022.

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