As a firm, we work individually and collaboratively to improve the lives of our clients. We give top class legal advice, which is practical and realistic as well as solutions-based and commercial, helping you achieve personal goals and commercial success. We are committed to the highest ethical standards coupled with outstanding client service.


We don’t sit on the fence, and we will never shy away from hard work. With a Bolt Burdon lawyer, you can be confident that you have someone decisive and proactive, committed to giving candid advice, making decisions and fighting your corner.


Our service is completely tailored to you. We appreciate that everyone’s needs, objectives and circumstances are different. With a clear understanding of these at the outset, we will cater to your specific requirements.


We don’t give anything less than our best! The best people, the best advice, the best service, the best support and the best value. We always do as we say, and everyone at Bolt Burdon is dedicated to exceeding client expectations and delivering on our Service Pledge.

You are right to expect something different!

At Bolt Burdon we set the bar high. We are committed to exceptional service and don’t settle for mediocre. We are not satisfied with simply meeting client expectations, our aim is to exceed them, every client, every time. We combine our professional expertise with a personal approach to deliver the best possible service. You can trust us to be responsive, direct, proactive and efficient. We look to deliver value on every level.

We attract repeat business and retain our clients (testament to our service), and we actively request feedback from our clients. We are proud to display our feedback results, as a demonstration of our commitment to great service:

We continue to strive for a 100% exceeded rate from our client questionnaire.

If we fall short of exceptional, we would like to know, so that we can improve our service. In fact, we are so confident about the service we provide, that we offer a Service Level Guarantee.

Service Level Guarantee

Part of how we demonstrate our commitment to providing outstanding service and exceeding our clients’ expectations is by offering a Service Level Guarantee.

This means that, if we do not meet your expectations, with regard to the service that we provide during the period covered by any fee invoice, you have the right to reduce our invoiced fees (but not any third-party disbursements or expenses) by up to 20%, with no strings attached. To invoke such a fee reduction, the only requirements are that you:

  1. Confirm the amount of the reduction (up to a maximum of 20%).
  2. Explain why you feel the level of service we have provided in the relevant period has fallen short of your expectations (please note – your reason(s) must be service-related, e.g. not related to the cost, the outcome etc).
  3. Recommend how our service could have been better (so as to have avoided the reduction).
  4. Provide us with the answers to (1) to (3) above, by email, within 14 days of the date of the fee invoice in question.

Please note that this Service Level Guarantee does not replace our separate complaints procedure, and relates to the standard of service only.