Compliance is a complicated area, where an extensive knowledge of employment law is simply not enough.

That’s why our team of employment lawyers also have expertise across a wide range of regulated sectors, including charity, financial services, health, professional services, real estate, and sports. This team will work with you to ease the administrative burden across a range of regulatory compliance issues and statutory reporting obligations.

Whether it’s complying with senior managers and certification regimes; publishing a Gender Pay Gap report or a Modern Slavery Act statement; or responding to a data subject access request, Bolt Burdon is here to support you every step of the way.

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Properly drafted contracts, policies, and procedures help your business comply with legislation and make it easier to manage day-to-day HR matters. They will also protect your business when disputes arise.

Get these wrong, and it could spell real trouble.

To avoid this, our team of experts will prepare bespoke documents that meet the needs of your organisation within the sector it operates in.

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There is never a good time for an Employment Tribunal claim.

That’s why, if the situation arises, you want Bolt Burdon’s team of employment experts on the case—their extensive experience means that they can work quickly and efficiently to deliver you the best commercial outcome for your organisation. You’ll be back to business-as-usual before you know it!

Our team is equally at home in the Employment Tribunal, the Employment Appeal Tribunal and the High Court, and are also experts in handling cases that make it to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court. We also have considerable experience of resolving claims through:

  • ACAS conciliation
  • Judicial mediation
  • Specialist mediators

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Managing a workforce, no matter the size, can be a challenging task. And as new legislation and regulation regarding the workforce emerges, it’s only going to get more and more tricky.

Having a legal team on hand to answer any queries that arise is therefore paramount; taking the wrong line on an HR matter is a headache you want to avoid at all costs.

Whether it’s an employee status/rights of an agency worker query; a flexible working request; bonus scheme implementation; or changing the terms and conditions of employment, we’re on standby to help you understand what your rights are.

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Failure to properly manage a disciplinary or grievance procedure can be an expensive mistake, not just in terms of costly Employment Tribunal proceedings but also in damaged staff morale and retention rates.

Whether it’s an investigation into a complaint made against an employee, or a grievance/performance/conduct issue, our team of employment lawyers will expertly guide you through the process so as to minimise disruption and ensure compliance.

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Restructuring and redundancies are fast becoming commonplace in today’s increasingly competitive global market. This means that at some point your business, regardless of its size, is likely to go through the process of restructuring in response to growth or streamlining.

That process often involves making the commercial decision to let staff go. Aside from the obvious, human-level difficulties involved in doing this, managing a redundancy process can be a legal minefield. If handled incorrectly it can lead to costly and damaging Employment Tribunal claims.

If you’re facing this situation, we highly recommend you speak to one of our lawyers about the best way to proceed. The Bolt Burdon Employment team have considerable experience in this area and have worked on cases that range from the dismissal of just one member of staff right up to large scale redundancies that involved hundreds of employees.

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Losing valuable employees is difficult enough, without having to worry about them taking your clients with them.

As the saying goes ‘prevention is better than cure’ so it’s advisable that you draft post-termination restrictive covenants sooner rather than later. We can deliver these documents, tailored to your specific business needs, quickly and without fuss.

If the situation occurs where someone has acted in breach of those covenants, we can also work with you to mitigate the damage and recover any loss to your business.

Why Bolt Burdon, and not another law firm?

What marks us out from the crowd is that we always keep our eye on the commercial objective, whether that be an expertly negotiated settlement or injunctive relief.

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In an ideal world, no business would have to deal with a dispute between directors or need to exit a senior management team member. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon and can be rather tricky—a number of overlapping legal documents and legislative and regulatory hurdles need to be cleared for it to be executed correctly.

Our expert team of employment lawyers can be on hand to provide sensitive, practical advice on how to manage an exit smoothly and quickly. Advice that could save you a lot of hassle!

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Whether you have a query about the application of TUPE to a particular situation or need advice on your obligations in relation to a business sale or purchase, our expert team of employment lawyers can help.

We have a wealth of experience on:

  • managing TUPE transfers
  • advising on how to deal with any employees you don’t want to transfer; and
  • how to successfully manage post-transfer harmonisation

Our expertise also includes both TUPE and ARD matters on large- and small-scale outsourcing, as well as in-sourcing deals for domestic and international clients.

Here at Bolt Burdon, we pride ourselves on providing pragmatic, commercially realistic legal advice on business critical transactions and on helping our clients make sound business decisions.

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