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Getting your Will from the ‘To-do’ list to the ‘Done’ list

As the end of January approaches, we reach the first milestone in the New Year’s Resolution cycle, an opportunity to reflect and consider – did we make it through the first month intact?

Well yes, actually,” might be the truth of it.

Kind of,” could be closer to the mark.

I barely lasted a week,” is all too familiar too.

In the pursuit of forming new habits, it can sometimes feel like what we’re really mastering is the ability to add new items to the to-do list without ticking old ones off. We all have a to-do list, and we’re all aware of those things on our own lists which we are only too happy to procrastinate doing.

I have seen one task fall into this category for many clients, some of whom admit to putting it off for years, even decades – that is writing a Will, or updating an old Will.  If this describes you, let me share with you some observations that may help you get this off your own to-do list:

  • With expert guidance, the process of making a Will can feel very simple. Typically, it is completed in two appointments, one to take your instructions and a second shorter meeting to sign the finished document.
  • A large majority of Wills we draft depart in one way or another from the Rules of Intestacy, which are the legal rules for what to do where someone dies without a valid Will. This means that most people would not have their actual wishes followed if they tried to rely on those rules instead of retaining control by writing a Will.
  • There is a genuine sense of accomplishment and contentment that comes from signing your Will. This is made up in part because it is no longer on the to-do list, but more importantly because you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your wishes have now been backed up with legal certainty.

We would be thrilled to help new and existing clients to enjoy the satisfaction and security which comes from having a Will that perfectly outlines your current wishes.

Equally, we would be delighted to sit down and consider wider estate planning points, for example whether Lasting Powers of Attorney are in place, whether you understand your exposure to certain taxes – such as Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax – and whether you need to have a plan in place for these.

Before you know it, when you put your mind to planning for the future, it won’t be ‘to-do’ – it will be ‘done.’

For more information or to discuss any of the above points, please do get in touch with our friendly, expert, and empathetic Wills and Wealth Planning team.

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