6 January 2023

New Year, new me? Not this year

I’ve never been a New Year person.   Christmas, 100% yes.  From 1st December, the decorations are up and I throw myself into it.   New Year on the other hand, meh!  Quite honestly, I often feel a bit flat taking down the tree, sending the kids back to school/nursery and getting back into work.

BUT I really want to change this.  I am an optimist by nature so why do I struggle at this time of year?  Is it the pressure to come up with fantastic and inspiring resolutions? Is the whole concept of ‘New Year, New Me’ the way to go?  Will my life be so much better if I can just get up at 5am every day, or if I can implement the perfect bedtime routine with no screen in sight?  Of course not.

So instead, I’ve decided to think about it differently this year.  Firstly, I think it’s really important to look back and take some time to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the last 12 months before rushing ahead into the next set of challenges.  And then, looking forwards, instead of a set of new resolutions, I am going to focus on and do more of the things in life that I already:-

  1. really enjoy;
  2. believe I’m pretty good at; and
  3. really want to do but haven’t got around to doing yet.

Does this mean that I am not open to new ideas, experiences and innovation? No, I absolutely am, and I hope to have many unexpected adventures in 2023. I just don’t have to have everything figured out in January.  Why put that pressure on myself?

So, it’s less ‘New Year, New Me’ and more ‘New Year, More Me’.

I believe that this can be applied as much to my business life as to my personal life.  This is particularly timely as this is the time of year when I’m thinking about Bolt Burdon’s goals for our next financial year in April.  Indeed, I met with all our Team Leaders last month to get a head start on this.

Looking at the results of our December brainstorming session initially felt a little uninspiring – a page full of the same ideas (albeit different takes on them).  Having taken some time to reflect over the Christmas break, however, I now see this as a huge positive.   We don’t need a New Year, New BB approach.  I believe we have lots of the right ideas and the right approach already so why would we start focussing on a set of brand new goals?  Instead, we should be doing more of the same, only better.  More focus, more consistency, more walking the talk.

So, this New Year, we are going to be even more BB!  As my friend and partner Melanie Carroll said so brilliantly to me, it’s about evolution, not revolution.  We are going to keep focusing on our people by finding ways to make their BB experience even better.  We are going to keep focusing on making efficiencies in how we do our best work, whether that’s through more effective use of tech or honing our internal systems.  And of course, we are going to keep working hard on exceeding our clients’ expectations – every client, every time – by living our client pledge day in, day out.

When you look at it this way, maybe New Year isn’t too overwhelming after all.

Happy New Year everyone!  Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023.

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