8 March 2024 by Leanne Wilson

National Conveyancing Week: 11th-15th March 2024

National Conveyancing Week is once again upon us, where we will take the opportunity to shine a light on and celebrate the profession of conveyancing and the work conveyancers are doing on a daily basis.

What is National Conveyancing Week?

The conveyancing process is not what it used to be. In the last five years alone, conveyancers have been on a rollercoaster of ups and downs! Despite challenges ranging from the pandemic to the stamp duty holiday, conveyancers have dealt with a record-breaking number of home moves during this period, which is a testament to their dedication to the profession.

National Conveyancing Week was initiated to highlight the challenges faced by conveyancers, drawing attention to the increasing complexities of the profession in a bid to help shape the future of how conveyancers and the conveyancing process are seen. In light of the ever-changing property market, changes to the law and enhanced requirements of our regulator, the role of the conveyancer is forever evolving.

The aim of NCW is to:

  • Inform;
  • Educate the wider property community;
  • Assist;
  • Motivate;
  • Reassure;
  • Help recruit new entrants to the profession;
  • Improve the profile of conveyancers and conveyancing; and
  • Ensure fees can be set at and kept at an acceptable level.


We aim to achieve these points through working collaboratively with all those in the profession and other stakeholders involved.

Conveyancers are magic makers and should be celebrated as such – they make home buyers’ dreams come true!

As a firm, we work closely on a day-to-day basis with key stakeholders, such as our local trusted estate agents, to ensure the home moving process is as seamless as possible for each and every client. Our ‘Exchange Ready’ service is part of our commitment to collaboration. We work with clients and estate agents to ensure all the relevant information required by estate agents and potential buyers is there in one place before the property goes on the market.

How BB will participate in NCW

We are delighted to continue participating in National Conveyancing Week, raising the profile of the sector, restoring pride to the profession and continuing our collaboration with our network in the conveyancing industry.

Co-Founder of NCW, Rob Hailstone, said:

This year we want to attract more conveyancing firms to take part because, by doing so, they can engage with all their key stakeholders, plus they can highlight their offering, simply by getting involved, opening their doors, and making themselves available.”

Following the success of our inaugural NCW event last year, we are doing just as Rob said and are opening our doors again.  We are hosting our second NCW event on the evening of 13 March 2024, where we will hold a panel discussion on the key issues in the property market and giving our predictions for the coming year following on from the recent budget.  Only limited spaces are still available for the event but, for more details, please contact ncw@boltburdon.co.uk and we will try to squeeze you in!

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