23 March 2023

Collaboration, understanding, empathy and friendship in National Conveyancing Week

People sitting down looking at screen at Bolt Burdon's seminar in National Conveyancing Week

Melanie Carroll, Head of Residential Real Estate, shares her reflections on our first National Conveyancing Week event.

When you hear about an inaugural event, irrespective of the passion you may have, this is tinged with apprehension – will this work, will anyone come – will anyone listen?

National Conveyancing Week presented such an opportunity and with two decades in real estate under my belt, I was eager to participate and involve the Islington property community.

The BB office was packed to the rafters with property professionals – predominantly estate agents but also managing agents, surveyors, and insurers.

With a theme of education, the residential real estate and new build teams presented “BB Bitesize” on topics which can cause problems and delays when buying or selling – and explained how Bolt Burdon overcome these challenges.

Aysel Ibrahim kicked off about the process generally, encouraged agents to provide complete and accurate chain information and urged seller clients to instruct us early so we can get ‘exchange ready’.

Jodie Duffy went on to explain the raft of regulation on anti-money laundering, the consequences of lawyers getting it wrong and how Thirdfort is helping us fulfil our obligations.

Esin Taze spoke about the lender’s handbook, the number of rules, the speed at which these can change and how it’s very difficult to keep up!

Amie Mackay highlighted the technical difficulties with leasehold cases – from the ground rent scandal to the Building Safety Act – and suggested that fees should double for this type of work.

Ella Wright explained about the role of enquiries in the process – how they are vital but frequently overused – and implored lawyers to stick to relevant and legal questions only.

Jack Lambdon reminded us of the complexities of the stamp duty land tax regime, that if the deal changes so too can the tax liability and the serious ramifications of miscalculating.

And to close the event, I shared mywish list’ to make the house buying and selling better, quicker, and less stressful. The process may not be perfect, but it’s not broken either, and with greater understanding and collaboration, it can be better.  The event has given me a renewed sense of unity within the industry and I’m going to start getting ready for next year!

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